Importance of Automotive Additives to restore the engine

Do you Trust or not trust on modern technology? This question often arises in front of car enthusiasts in the last 10 years. For relatively unknown developments in the market are additives for the engine. Some drivers fear them, while others pray for them. So, is it worth using this? How does it affect the dynamics of the car and how to choose a really high quality product?

Important!   The additives in the oil form is a film in the friction pairs such as XADO 1 Stage Revitalizant Motor Treatment – Oil Additive to Restore and Repair Engine Parts. As a result, the compression, the pressure in the oil system, the oil and fuel consumption increase for a short time. In addition, certain types of additives can clog upside down and the oil passages also contain in their composition and chlorinated paraffin substances that are deposited in the combustion chamber.

If you really want to restore the engine and the compression, to compensate for wear on the engine and transmission, then it is better to use repair compounds. They include serpenites, which do not change the chemical composition and physical properties of the oil, and form a protective layer of cermet, and protect the vehicle for the next 60,000mi.

First known

Automotive additives are special liquid agents that are designed to extend the life of the engine and the gearbox. The choice of this tool depends directly on the type of motor of the car, or rather, on the liquid to which it is going to be added. Therefore, there are additives for gasoline, diesel engines, and oil lubrication.

Additives in gasoline

Usually such tools include:

  • fuel dehydrators;
  • engine cleaners;
  • anti-knock detonators;
  • fuel system cleaners;
  • additives,.

Fuel dehumidifiers are designed for disposal. They do an excellent job of their role and do not argue with its usefulness. However, here it is necessary to say that isopropyl alcohol also perfectly solves this problem. This additive forms a unique mixture with water, which is burned together with gasoline. In addition, isopropyl alcohol is used for. The mechanics recommend their best customers to add 100 liters of this alcohol to 20 liters of gasoline.

The additives that increase the amount of octane in the fuel will be the way, if it is with gasoline of questionable quality.

If you are looking for quality gasoline additives that clean the fuel system, eliminate carbon deposits and at the same time remove the water from the fuel, then you should pay attention to the Japanese funds.

Additives for the engine

Currently, in the auto-fluid market you will find yourself face to face with a difficult choice, as several additives and active products produce a large number of manufacturers. First, they are divided into species. The type of additive depends on the function you will perform in practice.

Then, there are the following additives in the engine oil:

  • conservation;
  • antifriction;
  • washed;
  • wear and tear;
  • thickening (depending on the temperature, change the viscosity of the oil);