Car Insurance in Europe

Every summer, there are around a quarter of a million UK drivers who travel into the mainland Europe. Most of these drivers do not have a clear understanding as to the extent of their policies which means that they do not have any idea if they are covered or not when they are in Europe.

A number of UK drivers leave the comfort of their homes and drive through the European continent not knowing that they may be facing unpleasant surprises if they are unfortunately involved in situations such as accidents and later find out when filing for claims that they are not covered in such circumstances.

Downgraded insurance in Europe

If you are a driver of the United Kingdom, one of the disadvantages of leaving your country as a British car insurance policyholder is that your full coverage comprehensive policy may be downgraded effectively to third party basic insurance in Europe. This can leave you susceptible to numerous risks that can be found with only having coverage for third party insurance policy.

While it is true that third party insurance meets the requirement of the law and you can still drive in Europe, this can pose some risks to your finances especially if you do not have enough savings in store. This can cripple you financially for a certain period of time since you put your other assets at risk especially that accidents happen when you least expect it.

What if your car was stolen while travelling in Europe? The insurance company will not be liable to replace the car lost and you will end up having to buy a new car at your own expense. This will also be the case with incidental damages inflicted on your car. You will also end up paying for your own medical bills since the policy will not cover for this. Medical expenses can be expensive and can cost thousands of pounds.

Is it possible to get extended cover for driving in Europe?

Instead of being caught in an unexpected situation, you must educate yourself regarding the possible decrease of coverage while travelling in Europe by reading the terms and conditions stated in your policy. This will be beneficial for you especially if you have plans to use your vehicle in places other than your own place of residence. While there are insurance companies who opt to downgrade your policy while driving in another country, this is not applicable to all companies. You may reconsider the renewal of your policy and find a more suitable company.

What should you consider when looking for European car insurance quotes?

As shown above, you should consider your options when travelling to other places. Choose a policy that will have you covered fully even if you are travelling to other places in Europe. There are companies that can offer such level of coverage although they might ask you to pay extra, but this is better than not having enough coverage. You can also look for discounts that can lower the costs for your policy.

What is breakdown cover in Europe?

Can you picture yourself having your vehicle breakdown while on a holiday? You may say it is nearly impossible, but when it happens, it could be a nightmare. If you have plans to travel in Europe, it is a good idea to get breakdown cover on top of your list if you plan to use your own vehicle to tour. It is possible to upgrade your UK breakdown insurance to include European travel for up to ninety days.

So how does European breakdown cover  work? With the help of technology, the UK breakdown recover companies now have different English speaking call centers located in UK. They operate 24 hours a day and have access to different garages and mechanics that they can send to your location and help you fix your car. You can be reimbursed for any travel costs depending on the breakdown company and your particular service. There are others than can come and get you if in case you are ill.

Depending on the provider you have signed up for, the European cover policy will be different, however, most of them include roadside assistance, local garage recovery, a call center and emergency accommodation or alternative transport.

How can you prevent a breakdown?

Having a comprehensive policy may cover for a breakdown in Europe, but people would rather enjoy their travels without the hassle. You can avoid having a vehicle breakdown by:

  • Getting a local mechanic to do a complete inspection.
  • Checking water, fluid and tire pressure.
  • Planning a safe route with the use of an onboard satellite navigation system.
  • Reviewing weather conditions of the places you’ll be travelling in.

Planning ahead of time and knowing the limitations of your policy can help you figure out a way to get better coverage.