A new car with all possible extras, including warranty!

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The dream of a new car should not become a nightmare. What do you have to pay attention to? The latest news about the diesel disaster in Germany, are things that have to be taken into account when making a purchase decision. With some buyers, the driving characteristics fall behind and only aspects such as appearance or image are important. A list with your individual requirements is important. Evaluate criteria such as: Space and trunk space, clarity, safety equipment, drive and manoeuvrability. This allows you to circle your favourites closer together. Which new car source is recommended?

Import or re-import?

These new cars were originally not intended for the German market, but have now been imported. Due to different tax rates and registration fees, the prices of these new cars vary greatly from those of cars manufactured in Germany. Purchase prices of more than 30 percent less than from German factory buildings already make the buyer soft. But these imports have some peculiarities. The equipment differs from the German counterparts. In some cases, to the positive, in most cases to the negative. Make no compromises when it comes to driving safety. In Germany, ABS and ESP are part of the basic equipment. The menu navigation of the navigation system or the on-board computer may not be in German.

Furthermore, when buying imports or re-imports, you should only work with reputable dealers. Remember that a deposit for a new car purchase is unusual and entails risks. The ADAC recommends that you use the BFI bank guarantee for security purposes.


Make sure that the dealer is the seller. If he only works as an intermediary, you will usually conclude a sales contract abroad. Warranty conditions apply there. Germany has a statutory warranty obligation. At the time of purchase, the source of the new car guarantees that the car is in perfect condition. If the contract is concluded abroad, these provisions do not apply. To get the best price for a new car in Germany, you should have a look here: auto24team.

However, the purchase of a new car is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. If the seller is based in an EU country, this guarantee applies to defects. In this case, you will need a warranty card and a completed service booklet.